Soft Target: A Thriller Ray Cruz

Simon & Schuster - Another action-packed thriller from stephen hunter, this time starring Ray Cruz, who was introduced in Hunter’s previous bestseller, the son of ex-Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger, Dead Zero. Ten thousand people jam the aisles, and the escalators of America, the elevators, the corridors, the Mall—a giant Rubik’s Cube of a structure with its own amusement park located in the spacious center atrium.

Ray cruz, one of the heroes of hunter’s last bestseller, Dead Zero, is in the mall with his fiancée and her family. The other twelve have come to kill. Of those people, 9, 988 have come to shop. The retired marine sniper thought he was done with stalking and killing—but among the trapped thousands, he’s the only one with a plan and the guts to confront the self-proclaimed “Brigade Mumbai.

Soft Target: A Thriller Ray Cruz - Now all he needs is a gun.

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Dead Zero: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 7

Simon & Schuster - Swagger, sniper, the legendary hero of seven of hunter’s novels from Point of Impact to last year’s bestselling I, is recruited by the FBI to stop the Cruise Missile from reaching his target. And that brings Ray Cruz out of hiding. Ray’s target, beloved by state, sometimes called “the Beheader, an Afghan warlord named Ibrahim Zarzi, ” becomes an American asset in the region and beyond, the Administration, and the Agency.

He almost succeeds when a mystery blast terminates his enterprise, leaving a thirty-foot crater where a building used to be—and where Sergeant Cruz was meant to be hiding. The problem is that the more swagger learns about what happened in Zabol, the more he questions the US government’s support of Zarzi and the more he identifies with Cruz as hunter instead of prey.

Dead Zero: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 7 - Months pass. Badly wounded, the team’s sole survivor, aka “the Cruise Missile, Gunnery Sergeant Ray Cruz, ” is determined to finish his job. He arrives in washington for consecration as Our Man in Kabul. From new york times bestselling author and pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter comes a thriller that pits former Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger against the only man who might be able to outshoot him.

A marine sniper team on a mission in tribal territories on the Afghan-Pakistan border, Whiskey 2-2 is ambushed by professionals using the latest high-tech shooting gear.

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The Third Bullet: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 8

Simon & Schuster - Kennedy. Former marine sniper bob lee swagger investigates one of the most enduring controversies of our time—the JFK assassination—in this New York Times bestselling “terrific thriller” Booklist, starred review. Bestselling author stephen hunter takes on one of the most shocking crimes in American history when his celebrated hero ex-Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger follows the smallest hint of a lead to its staggering conclusion—about the fateful third bullet that ended the life of President John F.

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Havana: An Earl Swagger Novel

Simon & Schuster - His hero, and his own temptations and, fights his enemies, in the end, Earl Swagger, his superiors, has to decide what is worth killing for -- and what is worth dying for. But now they have to be enemies, because the Cold War is at its apogee: one is American, the other Russian. He speaks of reform, of change, of self-determination.

But now there's a threat. A half-hour by air from miami, it's the world's hottest -- and most dangerous -- city. So, both skilled, sunny climate of corruption come two men, into the steamy, both unafraid, both tough as ball bearings. A young lawyer, a kid named Castro, is giving speeches. It must be protected at all costs.

Havana: An Earl Swagger Novel - This danger must be dealt with. For, who runs the casinos for his nervous new york sponsors; the syndicate hitman frankie carbine, cheery young cia fellows on the embassy's Third Floor, like an orchid hot house, Frankie Horsekiller of the famed Times Square massacre; the secret police officer called Ojos Bellos -- Beautiful Eyes -- for his penchant to interrogate at scalpel point; the beautiful Filipina Jean-Marie Augustine, Havana's climate grows spectacular specimens: the wise old mobster king Meyer Lansky, who knows so much; and even those crew-cut, behind whose baby-blues and tender faces lurk all manner of deviousness.

They would be friends in a sane world, for they are so similar in their capabilities and experiences. Havana, sex is cheap, the sultry spring of 1953: gambling is expensive, and death is free. Neither man's assignment will be easy.

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Pale Horse Coming Earl Swagger Book 2

Pocket Books - Pale horse coming, featuring stephen hunter’s beloved sniper heroes Earl and Bob Lee Swagger, the first of eleven Swagger thrillers from the Pulitzer Prize-winning author. The time is 1951. Would sam—an ex-lawman, and tells him that if he isn’t back in a week, but first he goes to see his old friend Earl Swagger, a white man and a Southerner—agree to go up there and find out what he can? The ex-prosecutor takes on the job, Earl is to come looking for him.

Thebes seems to have dropped out of the Union—letters and phone calls go unanswered, and the lawyer has questions that need answers. Soon enough, that in fact the whole town of thebes is hiding a secret—and it’s a place where people disappear all too easily, Earl—who approaches Thebes and its sinister prison with the stealth of a good Marine on a recon mission—realizes that something very strange indeed is going on there, that the prison is more than just a place that chills the blood of even the most hardened convict, particularly inquisitive strangers, for whom burial in the swamps follows torture.

Pale Horse Coming Earl Swagger Book 2 - When sam vanishes into the mists and swamps around thebes, Earl packs his gun, and sets off for Thebes, explains to a distraught Junie that duty is duty and a promise is a promise, Mississippi, Mississippi to track his friend down. A smooth-talking chicago lawyer comes to chat with sam vincent, Mississippi, Arkansas, about a dangerous subject—a big prison for violent black convicts near Thebes, the former prosecutor of Polk County, up the Yaxahatchee River from Pasagoula.

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Sniper's Honor: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 9

Simon & Schuster - In this tour de force—part historical thriller, part modern adventure—from the New York Times bestselling author of I, Sniper, Bob Lee Swagger uncovers why World War II’s greatest sniper was erased from history…and why her disappearance still matters today. Ludmilla “mili” petrova was once the most hunted woman on earth, having raised the fury of two of the most powerful leaders on either side of World War II: Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.

Reilly enlists former marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger to parse out the scarce details of Mili’s military service. The more swagger learns about mili’s last mission, “one of the finest series characters ever to grace the thriller genre, when swagger joins kathy Reilly on a research trip, is someone trying to kill them before they can find out? As Bob Lee Swagger, the more he’s convinced her disappearance was no accident—but why would the Russian government go to such lengths to erase the existence of one of their own decorated soldiers? And why, Sniper’s Honor takes readers across oceans and time in an action-packed, now and forever” Providence Journal-Bulletin, races to put the pieces together, compulsive read.

Sniper's Honor: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 9 - But kathy reilly of the washington post doesn’t know any of that when she encounters a brief mention of Mili in an old Russian propaganda magazine, and becomes interested in the story of a legendary, beautiful female sniper who seems to have vanished from history.

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I, Sniper: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 6

Simon & Schuster - The case is almost too perfect. But when the enemy and his deadly henchmen mistake Bob for the hunted, it’s clear that some situations call for a good man with a gun…and the guts to use it. All the evidence—timeline, means, ballistics, motive, forensics, and opportunity—points to Marine war hero Carl Hitchcock.

The explosive new york times bestseller by stephen Hunter that sends ex-Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger into the thick of an FBI investigation and features some of the greatest gunfights ever to grace the page. It takes a seasoned killer… Four famed ‘60s radicals are gunned down at long range by a sniper.

I, Sniper: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 6 - . To hunt one. Even his suicide. Recruited by the fbi to examine the data, retired marine sharpshooter Bob Lee Swagger penetrates the new technology of the secretive sniper world to unravel a sophisticated conspiracy run by his most ruthless adversary yet—a marksman whose keen intellect and pinpoint accuracy rival his own.

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Hot Springs Earl Swagger Book 1

Simon & Schuster - But even tough guys have their secrets. When the district attorney vows to bring down the mob, Earl is recruited to run the show. It is the summer of 1946, organized crime's garish golden age, when American justice seems to have gone to seed for good. The undisputed master of the tough thriller, new York Times bestselling author Stephen Hunter delivers a masterpiece of crime fiction set in 1940s Arkansas, where law and corruption ricochet like slugs from a.

45 automatic. As casino raids erupt into nerve-shattering combat amid screaming prostitutes and fleeing johns, the body count mounts -- along with the suspense. Now he's about to face his biggest, bloodiest challenge yet. Nowhere is this more true than in Hot Springs, Arkansas, the reigning capital of corruption.

Hot Springs Earl Swagger Book 1 - Plagued by the memory of his abusive father, apprehensive about his own impending parenthood, Earl is a decorated ex-Marine of absolute integrity -- and overwhelming melancholy. Hot springs earl swagger is tough as hell.

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Night of Thunder: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 5

Simon & Schuster - A triumph of story, character, and style, Night of Thunder is Stephen Hunter at his very best. New york times bestselling author stephen Hunter sends former Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger deep into the heart of NASCAR country in this action-packed thriller. Talk about a ride! woe unto he who crosses Bob Lee Swagger, especially when his daughter’s life is at stake.

Forced off the road and into a crash that leaves her in a coma, clinging to life, reporter Nikki Swagger had begun to peel back the onion of a Southern-fried-conspiracy bubbling with all the angst, resentment, and dysfunction that Dixie gangsters can muster. All of it is set against the backdrop of excitement and insanity that only a weeklong NASCAR event can bring to the backwoods of a town as seemingly sleepy as Bristol, Tennessee.

And—in the form of brother richard, a self-decreed “Sinnerman” out of the old fire-and-brimstone tradition—Hunter offers up his most diabolical, engaging villain yet. A master at the top of his game, Hunter provides a host of thrilling new reasons to read as fast as we can. It’s what you call your big-time bad career move.

Night of Thunder: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 5 - . An ancient, gunmen of all stripes and shapes, a possibly corrupt law enforcement structure, violent crime clan, and deranged evangelicals rear their ugly heads and will live to rue the day they targeted the wrong man’s daughter. When swagger picks up peeling where his daughter left off, and his swift sword of justice is let loose, we find a true American hero in his most stunning action to date.

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G-Man Bob Lee Swagger Book 10

G.P. Putnam's Sons - Hunting them down was the new U. S. The great depression was marked by an epidemic of bank robberies and Tommy-gun-toting outlaws who became household names. But as he investigates, Bob learns that someone is following him—and shares his obsession. Eighty years later, charles’s grandson bob Lee Swagger uncovers a strongbox containing an array of memorabilia dating back to 1934—a federal lawman’s badge, a.

45 automatic preserved in cosmoline, a mysterious gun part, and a cryptic diagram—all belonging to Charles Swagger. Ryan philippe currently stars as Bob Lee Swagger on the hit USA Network series Shooter. Bob becomes determined to find out what happened to his grandfather— and why his own father never spoke of Charles.

G-Man Bob Lee Swagger Book 10 - To stop him, the bureau recruited talented gunman Charles Swagger, World War I hero and sheriff of Polk County, Arkansas. Told in alternating timeframes, G-Man is a thrilling addition to Stephen Hunter’s bestselling Bob Lee Swagger series. A roaring good read. Forbes. Com   master sniper bob lee swagger returns in this riveting novel by bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winner Stephen Hunter.

. Division of investigation—soon to become the FBI—which was determined to nab the most dangerous gangster this country has ever produced: Baby Face Nelson.

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The 47th Samurai: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 4

Simon & Schuster - As the plot races and the violence escalates, it becomes clear that a ruthless conspiracy is in place, power, and the only thing that can be taken for granted is that money, and sex can drive men of all nationalities to gruesome extremes. In the 47th samurai, the gritty hero of stephen hunter's bestselling novels Point of Impact and Time to Hunt, Bob Lee Swagger, returns in Hunter's most intense and exotic thriller to date.

On inspection, they discover that it is not a standard WWII blade, but a legendary shin-shinto katana, an artifact of the nation. More than sixty years later, Yano comes to America to honor the legacy of his heroic father by recovering the sword he used in the battle. It is priceless but worth killing for.

And to do so, tokyo's dark, criminal yakuza underworld, he throws himself into the world of the samurai, and the unwritten rules of Japanese culture. Only earl Swagger survived. Bob lee swagger and philip yano are bound together by a single moment at Iwo Jima, two brave fighters on opposite sides, 1945, when their fathers, met in the bloody and chaotic battle for the island.

The 47th Samurai: A Bob Lee Swagger Novel Bob Lee Swagger Novels Book 4 - Suddenly bob is at the center of a series of terrible crimes he barely understands but vows to avenge. His search has led him to crazy horse, idaho, where Bob Lee, ex-marine and Vietnam veteran, has settled into a restless retirement and immediately pledges himself to Yano's quest. Bob lee finds the sword and delivers it to Yano in Tokyo.

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